OCamlPro's Resources on Github

This site lists open-sources projects in OCaml by OCamlPro, available on Github. These packages are often referred to under the codename TypeRex, and most of them are available from the official Opam repository.

OCaml Docs

OCaml Docs a comprehensive documentation of OCaml packages Project
OCaml Cheat Sheets the most useful commands and libraries in one glance Project

OCaml Tooling

opam OCaml Package Manager Project
opam-bin create and share binary packages for opam Project
Relocation Patches
drom create OCaml projects in one command, easy interface on dune/opam Project
ocp-index project navigator Project
ocaml-top A simple cross-platform OCaml code editor built for top-level evaluation. Project/a>
tryocaml An interactive tutorial to begin learning with OCaml Project
ocp-indent code indentation for editors Project
operf-micro micro-benchmarking tool for the Ocaml compiler Project
operf-macro Some macro-benchmarks for operf and an OPAM repository for them Project
ocp-build composable build manager (deprecated) Project
digodoc generate online documentation for opam switches Project

OCaml Libraries

ocplib-endian optimized byte-level manipulations Project
ocp-reveal binding for Reveal.JS presentation framework Project
ez_cmdliner simple interface à la Arg over Cmdliner Project
ez_file Easy file manipulation library Project
ez_subst Easy substititions using ${X}, $(x), $[x], $x notations Project
ez_opam_file Compatibility layer over multiple versions of opam-file-format Project
ez_api Simplified Interface over ocplib-resto for Rest APIs Project
ez_pgocaml Simplified Interface over pgocaml with db schema versioning for migrations Project
Bitpack Serializer Serializers & deserializers using the unused space on bytes to pack data. Project
OCaml-Canvas Portable Canvas framework with event handling for OCaml Project

Languages and Formal Methods

alt-ergo SMT Solver for program verification, initially developed at LRI, now maintained at OCamlPro Project
optal A new language for optimization Project
scilint Syntax analyzer for Scilab Project


ft A multi-account command-line wallet for Free TON developers Project
OCaml Solidity An OCaml open-source library for the Solidity smart contract language Project
FreeTON OCaml SDK An OCaml binding for the Rust TON-SDK for Free TON blockchain Project
liquidity Smart Contract Language compiling to Love (Dune) and Michelson (Tezos), including a decompiler to audit Michelson programs Project
tzscan Open-source Block-explorer for Tezos Project
techelson A test execution engine for Michelson smart contracts. Project