Pull Request Guidelines

External contributions to Alt-Ergo may be proposed using git’s standard pull request mechanism from your base branch to our target one ( next by default). The following terms apply to all such contributions:

  • We require all pull requests to pass :

    • Our non regression suite, you can run make non-regression to check if your changes affect the performance and answers of Alt-Ergo.

    • Our style checking, every lines should length 80 columns maximum and should be indent with ocp-indent. We strongly recommand to use the following command line so the indent and style checking will be done automatically when commiting.

    cp rsc/extra/pre-commit-git-hook .git/hooks/pre-commit

  • Pull request should be rebased and up to date from the base branch to be merged.

  • All commits will be squashed into one when merged into the base branch. A PR with only one commit is appreciated if the modification are minimal. Else, we ask for a clean commit history with relevant messages since it facilitates the review.