From a package manager

Alt-ergo is available on opam, the ocaml package manager with the following command :

opam install alt-ergo

You can also install the GUI with

opam install altgr-ergo

This two command will install the Alt-ergo library alt-ergo-lib and the parsers alt-ergo-parsers, as well as other librairies detailled in dependencies.

On Debian

Alt-ergo is also available in the debian package manager here. You can install it with the following command :

sudo apt install alt-ergo

From sources


External dependencies graph generated with dune-deps (use make archi for source files dependencies):


To compile the sources, you will need the following libraries :

  ocaml >= 4.05.0
  dune >= 2.0
  ocplib-simplex >= 0.4

To compile the GUI you will also need


You may need superuser permissions to perform the installation.


  1. Configure with ./configure to generate Makefile.config, in order to build everything (lib, parsers, binaries, and GUI).

  2. Alternatively, you can configure with ./configure -prefix some-absolute-path-prefix to add a prefix for installation directories. You may also want to use make gen && cat lib/util/ to see directories where things will be installed.

  3. You can use ./configure <package> to select which package you want to build. <package> may be one of: alt-ergo-lib, alt-ergo-parsers, alt-ergo, altgr-ergo.

Build and Install

The steps below will build and install native or bytecode binaries depending on whether ocamlopt is installed or only ocamlc is detected.

Everything (binaries, plugins, library, …)

  1. Compile with make

  2. Install with make install

  3. Uninstall with make uninstall

Alt-Ergo library

  1. Compile with make alt-ergo-lib

  2. Install with make install-lib

Alt-Ergo parsers

  1. Compile with make alt-ergo-parsers

  2. Install with make install-parsers

Alt-Ergo binary

  1. Compile with make alt-ergo

  2. Install with make install-bin

AltGr-Ergo binary

  1. Compile with make altgr-ergo

  2. Install with make install-gui


The steps below will build and install additional plugins (extension .cmxs if ocamlopt is installed or .cma if only ocamlc is detected).

The SatML Plugin

satML is now inlined and compiled directly with Alt-Ergo’s source code

The Fm-Simplex Plugin

  1. Compile with make fm-simplex

  2. The Fm-Simplex plugin is currently built and installed at the same time as the alt-ergo binary.

The AB-Why3 parser plugin

  1. Compile with make AB-Why3

  2. The AB-Why3 plugin is currently built and installed at the same time as the alt-ergo binary.

You can find more information in the AB-Why3 README

The profiler plugin

This plugin has been “inlined” in Alt-Ergo sources.